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Music Alarm Clock

Play MP3 songs, CD tracks, videos or MPEG movies as the ring sound with this computer Alarm Clock
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26 July 2010

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How long has that been since you last wound up that horrible-looking alarm clock that you received from your grandmother on your twelfth birthday? Nowadays most people use mobile phones and stylish radio alarm clocks to wake them up. Some people go even further and use their PCs for this purpose. With Music Alarm Clock the task of waking oneself up will be as easy as possible.
Music Alarm Clock is a tool that lets you set up to 256 alarms with your favorite MP3 songs, audio CD tracks or MPEG files. For purposes other than waking up you can set up an alarm that will silently and modestly display a message on your desktop.
The program has a multitude of useful features: weekends off (alarms for working days only), Fade In and Fade Out alarm modes (for those who don't want to suffer a minor heart attack every time they get woken up) and more. Try this great tool today and set up an alarm that will make your day!

Publisher's description

Music alarm clock is an enhanced computer alarm clock software and that uses your favorite songs or videos as the ring sound. It supports a wide spectrum of file formats include MP3 songs, CD tracks, AVI or FLV videos, MPEG movies and more. You can set 256 different alarms, each with customizable play lists, date, time, and many other settings so you have complete control over your alarms. The new version adds some new features like Weekend Sleeper, Sleep and Slumber and Gentle Wake functions.
Music Alarm Clock
Music Alarm Clock
Version 3.15
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